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You've been hit by a smooth criminal

Leader's still a no-show. I have a feeling we'll never get this damn packet.
What the hell orphanage? What the hell?

How was I not appointed group leader?

Hallo, you better be damn good.

Because that position should be mine.

(Aha! That's V's way of saying welcome to the group everyone! Let's solve the case ^_^.... >>;)
Roomate. Joy

Teachers. Joy

I'm so fucking happy.

Why is there never anything to do?
I'd like to take this oppurtunity to announce to everybody that my birthday is tommorrow. I'll be 16, which means I can drive, and maybe purchase a Russian bride that doesn't turn out to be Mlenar.

Furthermore, presents are desired and required.

God help you if you don't. 


To be announced.

Oh, and I guess I have a roomie.

CD's are off limits except the crappy ones. I'm not going to tell you which ones are the crappy ones, I'll just let you guess. 

Bunny laptop's also off limits. What else? Oh. Happy Valentines Day. 

I need a gun, to keep myself from harm


What's the point of this project? Solving a stupid case that's been solved already?

Zero Zone. I don't even know who the that is, but apparently I'm working with him.

Whoever the hell you are, come to my room so we can get this over with.
Hope none of you got completely wasted.

Ugh, I wish.

I watched the ball drop in the commen room and then went to bed.

It was a lot more fun last year, wasn't it? I would tell people how to prepare themselves for the Y2K, and they'd believe me because I'm an uber l33t hax0r or something. That was fun.

My New Years resolution? Be fucking awesome. Oh, hey, mission accomplished.

Or getting lead again....

New Years Resolutions, let's hear them.

Fall on your knees

Merry Christmas.

You people can give me stuff now.
It feels like it's been a while since I made an entry.

Allow me to bless you all with another.

I guess we're all talking about our futures. I think I've abandoned the one I had a year ago, I wouldn't have made a very good rock star anyway.

Being L would be sweet. You've got the FBI, the CIA, the entire Interpool at your fingertips. I would seriously own.

They all expect me to become a ballerina, that's not even my third backup plan.

I think people misunderstand me, I don't hate it here by any means. No, actually, I love it here.

Nobody challenges me like you people do, I suppose I mean that from the depths of my heart or something. [/suckupmuch?]

Or maybe I'm just in a good mood because of the new credit card number I managed to snatch. It's awesome what you can do when you're pretending to be a "Feed Starving Children" network.

That starving child being me =]

In all honesty, I kind of want to try this solving cases thing, too.
I do hope Alert and Zaviel can find a Priest that does funny farm gigs.