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Vulpine Villainy

~I solemnly swear, I am up to no good.~

Name: Vivian Millsky
Alias: Vulpine Villainy but she prefers to be called Vane (pronounced like “Vain”)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi (leans more towards girls)She sees sexuality in general as a manipulation technique. In certain situations it can frighten her and lead to flashbacks.
Nationality Russian
Habit/Neurosis: Music is her Wammy’s “thing”. She can’t hack without some sort of music playing on the giant headphones she always wears. She listens to any genre. Vane’s completely obsessed with bands and pop idols. She’s a complete sociopath who takes no regards to other people’s feelings unless they are famous.

Vane usually remains quiet unless she has something sarcastic to say. She’s very caustic and has an extremely dark sense of humor. Vane participates in ballet at Wammy’s. She’s highly stubborn. Vane enjoys manipulating people when they do her wrong both in the orphanage as well as outside, with her hacking abilities. ‘Loyalty’ is not a word that means a lot to Vane, she is loyal to nobody. She has a very low tolerance and low patience for people. Vane’s a sociopath who does not feel remorse, or regret for the heinous things she does to people. She can ruin your life, and then look you in the eye the next day and smile. Vane has no “real” friends, and she prefers to keep it that way. She sometimes spends days locked in her room, her music blasting, doing nothing but hacking. She’s quite the geek (though she’d never admit that) and knows a lot about computers, she’s always looking for new ways to mess with them. V does want to be L in her own, weird way. To have that sort of power would make Vane's head swell up like a balloon.

V takes notes on everybody at Wammy’s and makes sure to know all the latest gossip on everybody. If you have business, Vane’s probably heard it, and it’s probably in a notebook somewhere waiting to be used against you. Vane is a dangerous person, even if you think you are friend or on her good side you can be used as a target or pawn at any time. She prides herself in her reputation as a villain and a manipulative brat. Emotions do nothing but get in the way, so she’s banished almost all emotional attachments to human beings as much as she can. She enjoys treating people like toys.

In Russia, Vane’s mother had her at 15 years old and abandoned her and her father (who was 25) very soon after she was born. Her father never got over this and moved them from Moscow to a dairy farm in the country where he felt as if he could do whatever he wanted, no longer bound by the laws of society. He raped her, beat her, sometimes abused her to the point she’s pass out for days at a time. If you ask Vane about any of this, she will deny having ever been abused, and justify it that, her father did not abuse her because her father did not act out of anger. Her father acted out of primal instincts and therefore his actions made no sense.

Thinking about it that way helps Vane avoid facing the truth about what actually happened to her. Her father was eventually found out by a citizen who went up to the country for a drive and he was arrested by the Russian authorities. Vane (who was seven at the time) was taken into custody as well, after a few months of heavy recovering in the hospital from wounds she had suffered, Vane’s father was proclaimed legally insane and was sentenced to have a lobotomy. With security guards at either side of her, Vane had the liberty of watching as her father had holes drilled into his head. That was the last time she ever saw her father. She barely got to say goodbye to him before she was hauled off again to find a proper home.

Vane went through several foster parents… all of them kicked her out in less then three weeks.

Her manipulative and bratty ways drove some of them to insanity. She was much less then the perfect poppet they wanted in their home. Finally, then were brought to the inevitable decision that they would have to send V to a juvenile hall, but one of her sponsors thought that was much too harsh, and that Vane was way to bright for that. After taking and passing the test she was brought to a place called Wammy’s… where they promised to keep her in line.


d_ecay - Sworn enemy.
f_allacious - Criticizes writing
forever_fleeing - Emotional toy.

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